Digital Marketing Services

Improve Your SEO Rankings

Social Media Assessments

We do a complete audit of your business’s social media strategy to get you more fans, followers, and customers. We offer this you absolutely free, above all – no strings attached.

Engaging Content

We provide rich and engaging content for your social media pages. Undoubtedly, SEO has a direct relationship with the content on your site and social media pages. Therefore if you are struggling to come up with engaging content, we make it easier than ever before. Besides, deciding on what content to post and to post it can be daunting when you have so many other things to do.

Advanced Scheduling

No more writing blocks or scroll holes. Save time by scheduling posts in advance with an easy-to-use calendar. Our advanced scheduler allows you to post to all social media outlets in one place.

Tailored Strategy

Your social media strategy will be tailored to your business. A dedicated marketing professional will assist you in developing a strategic plan that provides results and a measurable return on investment.

Reputation Monitoring

Nothing is more important than your online reputation. We monitor your business’s online reputation on review sites like Yelp, Google, Foursquare and Facebook.

Review Alerts

We know that your reputation is important to you, therefore responding promptly to reviews when alerts are received is critical. You will get alerts when someone comments or reviews your business online allowing your business to respond immediately.

Social Optimization

We design and optimize your social media profiles to keep them fresh and relevant with content, deals, and offers that consumers are looking for.

Sweepstakes and Social Deals

Engage customers with social sweepstakes and giveaways. Generate new and return customers with our social deals apps.

Social Analytics

Easy-to-understand social analytics and post insights reports customized and tailored for your business. Ask for your free assessment today!

Beacon Location-Based and Proximity Marketing

With our platform, you can target customers in your area using beacon technology and geofencing. You will be able to leverage more customers than ever before. First, beacons may pack a technological punch, but it could not be easier to set them up for businesses.

There is no better marketing than having the ability to market to a consumer when they are in the right location. Beacons put out a Bluetooth low energy signal that once picked up will send whatever push notification the business has setup. Beacons work great for sending deals and specials to consumers within a specific location to bring them into their business.

Lastly, another great use for beacons is to provide consumers with product information, local events and much more. Beacons help keep consumers engaged with what is going on with products and services that businesses have to offer.